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I AM​ Raw Nature Company.


A range of safe, botanical grooming solutions for men, that get to the root of male-specific skin and hair conditions.

We harness the curative powers of ancient superfoods, naturally derived active ingredients hidden in oral folktales and those whose extraordinary benefits have been uncovered only now by cutting-edge research, striving to capture the raw essence of a place in time, in a bottle. We take every precaution necessary to minimize the risk that toxins might contaminate our bodies, our children’s bodies, and our natural habitats.

Our products are carefully formulated using ingredients that are natural, naturally derived or certified safe-to-use by Ecocert. Start your day feeling refreshed and comforted in the knowledge that you are using products that are good for you and the environment.

we are safe

Our next-generation grooming essentials for men deliver high performance and safety. We meticulously screen our ingredients for trace toxins, endocrine disruptors and allergens for maximum safety and efficacy.

Our Products are formulated without the use of

we are for men

Men’s skin is fundamentally different from women’s skin. It is about 25% thicker with more collagen, more and larger hair follicles, more sebum production and an ability to handle stronger ingredients. Other factors like daily shaving and spending more time outdoors on average make skin-repairing ingredients even more essential for men. Contrary to popular perception, men’s skincare is no marketing gimmick and we have a no-nonsense approach to it.

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Sangita Desai

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