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3 Tips To Get Rid Of The Signs Of Holi From Your Beard

Ever since grunge and hipster looks resurfaced and exploded on the runways across the planet, the then-acceptable 5 o’clock shadow transitioned to the full-blown beard in absolutely no time – and with it came a wave of grooming essentials and youtubers sky-rocketing to fame with their tutorial videos on beard care.

But despite all of the readily available content on hair care for your chin, come Holi, everything tends to go straight out of the window, or in this case, straight down the drain. And no, we wouldn’t call it sheer irresponsibility, we’d simply blame it on the bubbling excitement of light-hearted color flinging, and bidding adieu to life’s troubles for the day. Yet still, don’t let India’s most colorful festival take over your beloved beard, and ruin its texture for your judgmental pals to take note of.

Here are three fundamental post-Holibeard care tips by Raw Nature that you need in your life:

1. First comes first, beard wash!

Your beard is going to be a lot more forgiving this season if you treat it right, so ensure that your primary goal isn’t restricted only to cleansing but also making deep nourishment a priority. The minute you hit the shower, run your beard under lukewarm water and cleanse it with Raw Nature’s Bamboo Charcoal & Acai Oil Beard Wash. It’s infused with nature’s most coveted ingredients, and is devised to promote hair growth, and provide tons of TLC to your mane. With the goodness of acai berries from the heart of the Amazon and the revered bamboo charcoal from Japan, be prepared for an explosive combination, equipped to restore your beard’s natural oils, whilst leaving it feeling fresh and ultra light.

2. Oils are all the rage

Conditioning your beard after you’ve washed all traces of color is essential in the quest for reversing the adverse effects of Holi, and trust us, you’ll need a potent potion to do the job seamlessly. Our Patchouli & Cinnamon Oil is a true blessing, as the complex nature of the oil consummately facilitates beard softening and rapid hair growth. Plus, it smells divine, making you want to get out of the house with the fragrance of warm, autumnal cinnamon witha spicy hit of patchouli wafting along your every stride. If you love a tinge of mystery in your grooming regimen, this gem will leave you mesmerized.

3. Getting down to home made beard masks

If you belong to a distinctive clique of people who can’t stand anything that comes out of a package, feel free to hit the kitchen counter and rustle up your own beard mask. All you have to do is blend a teaspoon of raw or organic honey with a tablespoon of coconut oil, and leave it on for about 20 minutes.  If the scent isn’t your cup of tea, you can lace it with hints of tea-tree and bergamot oil to sweeten the fragrance. Essentials oils always work wonders in making anything smell delicious, and also act as catalysts in hair growth.